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Why outsourcing your accounts pays off

We all want to be successful in our careers, but we don’t want to sacrifice our family or social life in order to achieve it - so what steps can we take?

Several individuals and small business clients have commented that outsourcing their accounts and switching to a financial accountant has not only resulted in them paying less tax, but it has also benefited them in other ways.

As a small business owner, I know from personal experience that if I'm feeling stressed and overwhelmed with all the things that running a business demands, it can affect both home and work life. But when I delegate to a professional that I trust, it can be like a weight has been lifted.

We all want to be successful in our careers, but we don't want to sacrifice our family or social life in order to achieve it - so what steps can we take?

Delegate to help achieve a better work-life balance

I believe that by not attempting to do everything ourselves and by delegating aspects of our business, (which can also be the things you don't enjoy doing by the way!), it can help to create a better balance in our lives  and to relieve stress.

And I believe that approach applies to professional services, including your accounts.

By outsourcing your financial affairs it means that you can focus on running your business and doing what you do best and stop worrying about taxes and financial issues. Instead you can feel reassured that they are being managed by professionals.

It's also less likely that you will have the stress and expense of an investigation by HMRC if your tax returns and accountants are professionally managed.

As well as general accountancy and extensive tax skills, myself and another partner also have individual specialist skills which enable us to provide you with a comprehensive, first-class service.

Some of the recent issues I have dealt with include managing capital gains tax and planning for inheritance tax. This is essential, if you would like to leave any  estate over £325,000 to your loved ones, rather than pay potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds unnecessarily in taxes.

Financial planning and being one-step ahead really does make a difference to both your own and your family's lives.

Accountancy one-stop shop

Whether you're an individual  or small business needing advice with personal or corporation tax, we offer a one-stop shop for your accounting and business planning.

The services we offer include:

  • Tax Returns
  • Taxation
  • Payroll and support services
  • Compliance
  • Business Start Up support.

Being independent enables us to provide objective business and advisory services and our services are tailored to our clients' exact requirements - not a national model.

Our close-knit, experienced team has many years' experience in the challenges facing small and medium-sized firms, as well as larger concerns.

We also provide a complete financial management service, with the benefit of calling on our wide range of professionals.

We can:

  • ensure you save on tax costs and pay competitive fees for your accounts
  • provide a complete, objective, service
  • be proactive, ensuring we are up to date with the latest changes and legislation
  • offer a fixed fee tax return service to help you budget.

We are proud that our clients tell us we are:

  • approachable and proactive
  • consistent and reliable
  • keeping ahead of changes in tax and other legislation
  • helping to keep tax bills to a minimum.

We work in partnership with many businesses, charities and individuals across West Sussex and beyond. Please feel free to get in contact with us for an informal chat about your business finances on 01403 337490 or learn more at