Become a Client

It's easy to change your accountant

If you are not getting the service you want from your current accountant...change! Every month we gain new clients who have had no support from their old accountant, they have just been left to their own devices until the year end. Its then usually too late to deal with share allocation, dividends, loans to directors, payroll, VAT registration, benefits in kind, bad debts etc.

Common issues new clients have had with their old accountant

  • Did not return calls or emails.
  • Did not advise on tax deductible expenses.
  • No guidance on how to form the new company.
  • Did not inform HMRC about new company (automatic £100.00 penalty).
  • Did not explain how dividends are calculated and paid (very important).
  • Did not help with benefits in kind and suggesting p11d dispensation.
  • Did not help in forming PAYE scheme and suggest ways of minimising tax and National Insurance.
  • Did not use computerised accounting systems.
  • Did not monitor when VAT registration was needed.
  • Did not contact them during the year.
  • Did not suggest how to extract profits from their company in a tax efficient way.
  • Did not suggest preparing management accounts.
  • Were not pro-active.
  • Were not interested!
  • Used unqualified staff.
  • Account handler changed and did not know anything about the business.
  • Did not know about VAT.
  • Used too much jargon.
  • Charged too much!

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